Career Development
  • Dr. Inime Udoh, Nigeria
    Dr. Inime Udoh, Nigeria
    IMR has a verifiable reputation for having state-of-the-art research equipment, internationally renown experts in materials science and engineering research, a lecture series that allows world class researchers to interface with students, strong publication base, flexible policies for international students, serene environment, and very supportive staff. My experience in IMR has undeniably offered me a career leap; a benefit I am thankfully enjoying even today.
  • Dr. Siddiqui Muhammad Ali, Pakistan
    Dr. Siddiqui Muhammad Ali, Pakistan
    To be honest, I am satisfied with everything that I experienced at IMR, its research environment, chill weather, and Shenyang lifestyle. I found my supervisor, all lab technicians and colleagues were helpful and friendly to me, who made the working environment grateful and like a second home. There are handsome scholarships available that will also be a very great help for future researchers and scholars. In my viewpoint, those are the most positive experiences I found.
  • Dr. Ali Abd El-Aty, Egyptian
    Dr. Ali Abd El-Aty, Egyptian
    My experiences at IMR helped me continue my research carrier as a research fellow in top world-class universities such as Seoul National University in South Korea. My Prof. taught me a lot of valuable information about Advanced Metal Forming Technologies and Computational Plasticity that I cherish and use to this day. Everyone in IMR was always so welcoming and friendly. I certainly made some friends for a lifetime. I believe studying in IMR was the best time span of my life.