Regulations Regarding International Students Made by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Public Security

Date : Apr 13, 2023 Author : Wei Wei

1. Chinese and Introduction of China should be compulsory courses for international degree students.

2. For degree students, if the program is conducted in a foreign language other than Chinese, the abstract of the thesis or dissertation should be written in Chinese.

3. With permission by the university, international students can establish associations within the university, and for which, all the activities must be conducted within the scope regulated by Chinese laws and follow the management by the university.

If international students want to establish organizations cross universities or areas, they must apply to related Chinese governing sectors.

4. Universities respect the customs and religions of international students, but are not allowed to provide places for holding religious activities. All forms of missionary work or religious gathering are forbidden on campus.

International students, with permission by the university, can celebrate the important traditional holidays of their country at the place designated by the university, but any content or behavior against other countries or public morality is forbidden.

5. International students are not allowed to be employed or doing business, or engage in any other business or for-profit activities, but can participate in part-time job according to university regulations.

For part-time job outside of the campus, students need report to the Exit and Entry Bureau and get special note for the residence permit, otherwise it will be regarded as illegal work.