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Notice for thesis proposal of 2024

Date : Nov 30, 2023 Author : Yu Yang

1. From 2024, all students should attend thesis proposal organized by Graduate School of IMR. The details will be noticedlater.

2. For all students joined in IMR of 2022, please submit <Graduate thesis proposal> and <FormforGraduate thesis proposal>to the graduate building before 17:00 Dec 22nd. The formal explanation letter with your supervisor’s signature should be submitted if you want to postpone the proposal.

3. Form for Graduate thesis proposal should be completed online and offline except the reviewers listand reviewers’ comments.

4. Finish thesis proposalon time is compulsory. The student need to resubmit thesis proposal if he has changed his research program even then he has done it.

5. The interval between thesis proposal and thesis review should no less than one year.

Contact: Ms.Yu   Tel.: 23971693

Graduate School of IMR

Nov. 29th, 2023