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Notice on Enabling Two-Factor Authentication in the Mail System of CAS

Date : Dec 29, 2022 Author : Sun Donghao Views :

According to network security requirements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), two-factor authentication is enabled in the mail system of CAS, that is, in addition to the password authentication, another authentication method is added. At present, the SMS authentication code method is adopted.

I.Main enabling process: Users bind cell phone number for receiving SMS authentication code. When logging in to the email web page after binding, users need to key both password and SMS verification code in. Common devices can be set as authorize device and do not need the SMS verification code within 7 days.

Please refer to the attached operating instructions (Attachment) for the settings of WEB pages.

II.Time of enabling: At present, users should complete the settings for enabling. After January 5, 2023, the system will be forced to be enabled. Users who have not completed the settings will receive a prompt when logging in to the mailbox and cannot use the mailbox normally.

III. Other tips:

1.A cell phone number of mainland China is needed for two-factor authentication.

2.The way to log in to the ARP and OA systems using email accounts remains unchanged and is not affected by the two-factor authentication.

Users should complete two-factor authentication in time according to instructions in case users miss significant emails. Should there be any questions, please contact the email administrators: Tao Liyu (TEL: 86-024-23971756, Email: or Guo Zhenbin (TEL: 86-024-23971759, Email:

Attachment: Users Instruction for Two-Factor Authentication of the Mail System of CAS.pdf