Application Guideline

IMR offers scholarship to foreign students with outstanding academic achievements. IMR awardees are subject to annual review in order to maintain their scholarship status in the following academic year.

Application Deadline

ü For degree-seeking students (A): 30 February each year

ü For non-degree visiting students (B): all the year round

Coverage of IMR scholarship

ü Free tuition;

ü living cost.

Qualifications for IMR scholarship application

Applicants for IMR scholarship A must:

ü Be non-Chinese citizenship;

ü Be not awardees of any kinds of CAS Scholarship;

ü Applicants for doctoral degree studies must hold a master’s degree (equivalent to master’s degree in China) and be under the age of 35.

Applicants for IMR scholarship B must:

ü Be non-Chinese citizenship;

ü Studying for his Ph.D. or MD in abroad universities;

Living Stipend:

PhD. Program: RMB 5, 0000/year; 1-4 academic years;

Exchange Student Program: variable;

Application Procedures for IMR Scholarship:

1. Applicants download the application form directly from IMR website or USTC website.

2. Applicants should submit their application materials directly to IMR.

3. The application result will be noticed by IMR.