Shenyang has three major railway stations: the Shenyang North railway station in Shenhe District, the Shenyang railway station in Heping District and the Shenyang South railway station in Hunnan District.

You can arrive at Shenyang North railway station by Shenyang Metro Line 2&4, Shenyang railway station by Shenyang Metro Line 1 and Shenyang South railway station by Shenyang Metro Line 4 or Shenyang Modern Tram Line 4&6.


Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (IATA: SHE, ICAO: ZYTX) is an airport serving Shenyang. It is located about 20 km south of the city center in Hunnan District. You can arrive at the airport by Shenyang Metro Line 2 or Shenyang Modern Tram Line 2&6.

Public Transportation

Shenyang Metro

Shenyang Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Shenyang. It's the seventh operational subway system in Mainland China and the first in Northeast China.

There are 5 metro lines with a total length of 164km and 5 lines under construction.

Line 1 Shisanhaojie(No.13th Street)-Limingguangchang(Liming Square)

Line 2 Putianlu(Putian Road)-Taoxianjichang(Taoxian International Airport)

Line 4 Zhengxinlu(Zhengxin Road)-Chuangxinlu(Chuangxin Road)

Line 9 Nujianggongyuan(Nujiang Park)-Jianzhudaxue(Shenyang Jianzhu University)

Line 10 Dingxianghu(Lilac Lake)-Zhangshabu(Zhangshabu)

Under Construction

Line 3 Lida(Lida Village)-Xintailu(Xintai Road)

Line 6 Shaliulu(Shaliu Road)-Yalujiangbeijie(Yalujiang North Street)

Line 1(Eastern Extension) Limingguangchang(Liming Square)-Shuangma(Shuangma)

Line 9(Eastern Extension) Jianzhudaxue(Shenyang Jianzhu University)-Shimiaozi(Shimiaozi Villiage)

Line 10(Phase II) Zhangshabu(Zhangshabu)-Dingxiangjie(Dingxiang Street)

Shenyang Modern Tram

Shenyang Modern Tram is a tram network operating in Hunnan New District in southern Shenyang. The tram system mostly uses a traditional overhead line system, but some sections are wireless with the tram running partly on super-capacitor batteries charging at every stop, the first such system in Asia. It is the longest tram system in China. There are 6 lines with a total length of 97.45km.

Line 1 – Olympic Centre to Expo Centre

Line 2 – Olympic Centre to Taoxian Airport

Line 3 – Century Tower to Expo Centre

Line 4 – Shenyang South to Century Tower

Line 5 – Olympic Centre to Shenfu Xincheng

Line 6 – Shenyang South to Taoxian Airport


The total number of bus routes reached 321 and the coverage rate of public transport stations with a radius of 500 meters in the urban area reaches 100%.