Notice for Mid-term Evaluation

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Mid-term Evaluation for students’ academic dissertation is expected to take place between September 12 and 21 in IMR. Two steps must be completed for the students who joined in IMR in 2014.

Step 1 Self-examination

Visit the UCAS education system ( and fill in the column of Mid-term Evaluation before September 20. Login the system with the username (your email address when you apply for the admission of IMR) and original password (111111). Please change your password as you login the system. Invite your supervisor to login the system and get his comment after you fill in the form. Print the supervisor’s comment page and submit to Graduate School.

Step 2 Mid-term Evaluation

The applicant must make an academic report introducing your research work in 12 minutes. Questions and Answers will be lasted in 8 minutes.

Please pay much attention to the Mid-term Evaluation and well prepare for it. You could not graduate on time if you didn’t pass the evaluation successfully.

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