GREETED BY NATURE: Culture Trip by the International Student

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Same blue sky. Trees also green. Different people. Beautiful scenery. Cultural interplay. So much fun! Such encapsulates the sensation during and after the trip to Fuxin by the international students of IMR.

The visit to Hai Tang Mountain and Tian ShuiGu Hot Spring on May 28/29, 2016 under the coordination of Dr. Wei Wei can be described as a “beautiful time away”. From the clement weather that ushered in the journey, to a tranquil lodge with interior enhanced by the sheen of old satin, the anticipation was already heightened. After the students were duly checked in by the hotel management, succeeded by a sumptuous lunch, everyone was set for a good time.

It took only few minutes rest before we were greeted by Hai Tang Mountain. The air around the mountain was fresh and soothing. The scenery was fascinating. Dr. Wei, together with the agent and the tour guide, did her best in ensuring that the tiring nature of climbing mountains was spiced with great cultural and historical information, as the climbing proceeded. Every level had its fun moments, from story to photography. Little wonder we had to totter on the mountain top occasionally just to catch a glimpse of the scenic sites and capture the moments in pictures. Returning from the mountain and after few minutes of rest, some students still found time to play football.

The second day witnessed a visit to the Tian ShuiGu Hot Spring. The pools were on hand to offer great recreation, featuring; swimming, therapeutic massage, refreshing bath, and other self-made fun. All of these had the possibility of a mind and body healing.

To some, it was a time to ease the stress orchestrated by tedious research experience. To others, it was to interact deeply with Chinese culture and nature. Whatever was the case, the fun climaxed and each one was greeted by nature.

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