Safety Notice for Holidays

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To ensure your safety during the National Day, please pay much attention to the following important notes.

A. Absence and Leave

{C}l  For any leave of any length, students must inform their host supervisor and institutes.

{C}l  For International College students, please contact with Ms. Hu Tian (;

{C}l  For Sino-Danish College students, please contact with Ms. Xin Wang (

{C}l  For students now at CAS institutes, please contact with the department responsible for international students affairs.

B. Tips before Leaving

{C}l  Please have a thorough examination of your all electric appliances, and water taps and shut off electricity and water completely.

{C}l  Close all windows and doors.

C. Tips on Touring

{C}l  Safely keep passports, money and credit card.

{C}l  {C}For personal safety, don’t start a quarrel or fight with others in any case.

{C}l  Don’t join unauthorized meeting or parties.

{C}l  Do not go to any undeveloped places, or dangerous areas.

{C}l  Contraband drugs like marijuana are forbidden in China.

D. Emergency Calls:

Fire: 119            Health: 120           Security: 110

E. ISO Watch

International Students Office will keep on watch during the holiday. In case of emergency, students should contact ISO staff immediately.

F. Contact Information

Tel: 024-23998273  Fax: 010-82672900



24-hour-call: 13464007425 (Ms.Wei Wei)

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