Notice for Thesis Defense of UCAS in 2019

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Noticed by UCAS, the requirements for degree application and thesis defense in 2019 are as follows.

1. Thesis review and defense

The deadline for thesis defense is 25th May 2019, so all PhD students must submit your thesis for review before 25th April 2019. Please well arrange your time and prepare for it. Even one day postponed is not permitted.

The applicants need to submit all materials before thesis review including Application form for thesis review, Report for thesis review, one hard copy of thesis, the soft copy of thesis with PDF file named by YOUR NAME.pdf in U disk. After approved by examination, hard copies of thesis and reports for thesis review should be sent to the reviewers. The reviewers’ report will be sent back graduate school directly. Come to graduate school to get the report and revise your thesis based on the advices from the reviewers.

The applicants need to submit all materials three days before thesis defense including Application form for thesis defense, the copies of your published papers with your supervisor’s signature on the first page, Report for thesis review, Application form for thesis form review, Forms for academic activities. At the same time, the applicants should login the UCAS system and fill in the information of thesis defense application. When the application is approved by graduate school, the applicants can arrange their defense.

Notes: 1. The transcript must be signed by Mr. Wang Xiaobing who is in charge of graduate teaching. 2. The comments of graduate school must be signed by the dean of your research group. 3. Please pay much attention to your thesis writing content and format. The research work must be original. Please use the quoting if you copy some theories from others. Except font style, you must follow the requirement for thesis writing format.

2. Information filling online

The applicant should login the UCAS system to fill in the degree information. Please make sure you will complete online filling in 3 days after thesis defense under your secretary’s help.

Any questions please inquire Mr. Ji Lirun. Tel23971208. Thanks!

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