Financial support for conferences abroad

In order to support the graduates to attend the international conferences, freely communicate with more scientists and improve their research work, UCAS and IMR provide the financial aid for graduates to attend the conference abroad.

1.     Financial support by UCAS

The announcement of application for financial support by UCAS will be made on April each year. Travelling expenses and registration fee will be paid by UCAS. Others are by your own expenses.

2.     Financial support by IMR

The financial support by IMR can be applied for all the year round. There are about 20 places for graduates to apply for every year. RMB 5000 per person will be given to the students as the financial support.


1.     The topic of international conference must be closely related to your research work.

2.     The following documents must be provided when apply for the support.

(a)    The invitation letter by the conference committee;

(b)   The permission letter by your supervisor;

(c)    The certificate of an oral report by the conference committee;

(d)   English certificate;

(e)    The application form.

3.     At least publish one paper on the conference as the first author.

4.     Submit a report after attending the conference.

Attachment 1: Permission letter by your supervisor
Attachment 2: Application form for short visit

Attachment 3: Application form for financial support by UCAS

Attachment 4: Application form for financial support by IMR

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