I. Administrative Regulations of Entrance and Exit of China

Non-immigrant Visa Types for Foreigners to China

(1) D-visa is for alien permanent residence in China.

(2) Z-visa is for aliens with their dependents working in China.

(3) X-visa is for students, graduates and trainees for more than 6 months in China.

(4) F-visa is for visitors, inspectors, lecturers, businessmen, International exchange visitors of science and technology and culture, and trainees for less than 6 months in China.

(5) L-visa is for tourists, family reunion, relative visit and other private matters in China. Group visas are available for tourist group with more than 9 members.

(6) G-visa is for aliens who plan to transit through China en route to another country

(7) C-visa is for international aircrew members, ship crewmen and train attendants and their immediate family members on routine visit to China.

(8) J-1 visa is for foreign media representatives stationing in China J-2 visa is for foreign pressmen to China for interview purpose.

II. Aliens Living in China

Aliens holding visas D, Z, X or J-1 should obtain aliens’ residence cards or aliens’ temporary residence cards from the city or county public security bureau at the place of their residence within 30 days of entry into China. The valid period of the aforementioned certificates is the duration of the holder’s permitted stay in China.

Aliens holding visas F, L, G, C or J-2 may stay in China for the period described in their visas without obtaining residence certificates.

Attachment1: Exit and Entry Administration Law

Attachment2: Application for extension of residence permit


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