Q. When should I register at IMR?

A. IMR only offers registration at September per year.
Q. When do courses start at IMR?

A. Degrees and Diplomas at IMR normally begin at September.

Q. What are the IMR entry requirements?

A. Requirements information can be obtained from the Admission, Application requirements which are published online.

Q. How do I apply?

A. Information about how and when to apply should be sought from Admission, Application process which is published online.

Q. What are the IMR fees?

A. At present, all kinds of scholarship  provide tuition fee wavier for international students. Different scholarships have some coverings that can be seen from Admission, Financial Aid online.

Q: where do I live?

A: IMR provide international students different kinds of dorms including single dorms and double dorms. Single dorms can be divided into two kinds. One is with the kitchen, the other is without the kitchen. The accommodation fee is different which depends on the dorm you live.

Q: Can I live outside of the campus?

A: Yes, if you do not want to live in the campus. However, you have to register your living address at the police station.

Q: Can I get two scholarships both?

A: For an international student, he can get two scholarships both. However, he only can receive the financial aid from one side.

Q: Does IMR scholarship cover travel expenses and dormitory expenses?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: How about the weather in Shenyang?

A: Winter is very long in Shenyang. The lowest temperature is about minus 10 degree. Thick jacket must be prepared. If you register on September, Shenyang is in autumn.

Q: How much money should I take when I join in IMR?

A: The stipend is due on 9th every month. After you join in IMR, you have to go to Shenyang International Travel Health Care Center for physical examination and then to the Department of Entry & Exit Administration, Shenyang Public Security Bureau to apply for the Residence Permit. Physical examination fee is about RMB 700 and Residence fee for one years is RMB  800 at present.

Q: How about the living expenses in Shenyang?

A: For international students, they have to pay accommodation fee deducted from the stipend and electricity fees. Generally speaking, the total living expenses is about RMB 2500. It changes by individuals.

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