Founded in 1953, IMR, CAS has developed herself into an important base of materials science and engineering research, and a base for scientific elite cultivation as well in China at present time. She has made outstanding contributions not only to the development of materials science, but also to national economic constructions.  She has enjoyed high reputation both at home and abroad since its founding of 63 years.

Viewing her notable mission in her target as “ to Excel in Materials Research, Develop Advanced Materials Technology, Foster Exceptional Talents, Serve the Nation, Society and mankind”, IMR continues to optimize overall management in subjects of science research field, gathering a great number of promising scientists of materials science and engineering experts, building up a perfect platform for research and development, optimizing structure of tutors and proving a solid foundation and support for young talents with great expectations in science research.

Looking forward to the future, all members in IMR will unite as one to a higher degree and try hard to devote themselves to the great scientific and educational career based on talents cultivation orientation. Now they are working assiduously to fulfill their dream to become one of international top-ranking institutes in the future.

As a director of IMR, CAS I warmly welcome you to join in my team and thank you for your attention to IMR.

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