1.  Administration Work for Post Doctorial Candidates

a) Postdoctoral candidates need to sign a Postdoctoral Work Agreement with IMR and with the cooperating doctorate supervisor, whom of which in turn outlines the postdoctoral candidate’s program and obligations required for graduation.

b) Postdoctoral candidates is required to submit work program 3 months after being assigned and a completed mid-term evaluation form at the end of the first year.

c) Postdoctoral candidates can apply for a State Science Research Grant or the Wang Kuancheng Postdoctoral Award Fund Grant during his or her stay in IMR.

d) Postdoctoral candidate will actively participate in academic exchanges and other activities organized by IMR.

e) Postdoctoral candidate usually work in IMR for two years however he or she can apply for extended time if needed to complete their research. Then, he or she would need to apply to his or her supervisor for graduation. If the application is accepted it will then be forwarded to the Postdoctoral Graduate Administration Office for final approval. The maximum extension time is 4 years.

f) Postdoctoral candidate will receive a monthly salary in accordance with the “Implementation Rules of the Funds Management Office for Postdoctoral Candidate, made by IMR”.

g) In some circumstances, the postdoctoral candidate can apply for an absence from IMR due to health problems or other emergencies by submitting an application for the absence describing the reason. This can be done in person or on-line. Also, at the same time, submit a copy of the application to IMR Postdoctoral Administration Office. The office will then send the application for the absence to the Postdoctoral Work Service Center of Liaoning Province.

2. Work Expiration and Leaving IMR for Post Doctorial Candidates

a) Postdoctoral candidates will write a work report and turn it over to the Expert Committee organized by the cooperating supervisor and then receive an evaluation before leaving IMR.

b) Postdoctoral candidates can login to the China postdoctoral website to get a “Postdoctoral Work Expired Registration Form” and also download the “Postdoctoral Leaving Report”. Upon submitting these forms please provide the following:

(1) 4 copies of the Postdoctoral Leaving Report

(2) Passport, marriage certificate if applicable

(3) 4 copies of your Ph.D. certificate

(4) 4 copies of any other materials as requested

IMR Postdoctoral Administration Office will send all related materials to the Postdoctoral Work Service Center of Liaoning Province and finalize graduation as candidates leave IMR. IMR will then provide the postdoctoral certificate to the successful postdoctoral candidates.

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