Those who already have a doctorate from other universities, excellent in character and learning, in good health and under forty years old may apply for enrollment at the Institute of Metal Research (IMR), Shenyang China to a post doctorial station.

Application Procedures

1. Applicants can contact IMR Postdoctoral Administration Office or the cooperating course supervisor for detailed information

2. Upon acceptance by the supervisor, he or she will need to login to the China postdoctoral website ( and go into the postdoctoral section to download the application form.

3. Fill in all of the required information.

4. Submit 4 copies of the following required materials:

a) The Postdoctoral application form;

b) 2 recommendation letters and one of them must be from the doctorate supervisor;

c) Passport, marriage certificate if applicable;

d) Master and Ph.D. certificates you already hold with transcripts.

e) Published articles;

f) National health certificate.

5. The Postdoctoral Administration Office will evaluate the applicant’s materials and confirm his or her qualifications. Then an assigned cooperating supervisor will organize a board of experts to evaluate the application and make comments.

6. The Authority of the Postdoctoral Administration Office will send application materials to those who have passed assessments to the Postdoctoral Work Service Center of Liaoning Province for approval. The applicant if accepted will receive an admission letter from IMR.

7. The applicant must carefully provide all information accurately and in detail for best consideration. Any falsified information will disqualify the application from further consideration and result in rejection for admission.

Application Time

Three times per year: March 1 to 20, July 1 to 20 and November 1 to 20.

*Applicants must send their application materials to IMR Postdoctoral Administration Office no later than the 20th day of the month mentioned above.


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