Family coming to China

In order to facilitate the life of married international degree-seeking students and let them concentrate on their study, out of humanistic concern, when conditions allow, with the approval by IMR, students’ families can come to China during their study.

. Application

1. Eligibility: Only married international degree-seeking students who already registered at IMR can apply.

2. Application materials must be submitted for getting the invitation letter.

3. Application materials: application form and supporting documents (photocopy of the student’s passport and family members’ passport, the photocopy of marriage certificate and birth certificate of child notarized by Chinese Embassy)

. Family Members Coming to China

1. Holding with invitation letter, family members apply for S visa through Chinese Embassy.

2. Student and family members should go to the police station for accommodation registration within 24 hours after moving to the apartment.

3. Family members above the age of 16 years old should go to Shen Yang International Travel Healthcare Center for physical examination and health verification within one week after arrival.

4. Family members should take the Chinese version of all supporting documents and go to Shen Yang Entry and Exit administration to apply for residence permit in 10 days.

. Others

The commitment letter to be issued by IMR is NOT invitation letter. It is only used as one of the required materials for the applicant’s family member applying S1/S2 visa at Chinese embassy.

Attachment 1: Application form for an official letter from USTC

Attachment 2: Application form for an official letter from UCAS

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