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Courses Requirements

Every international student to pursue Doctoral degree in IMR is required to obtain 10 credits from the following courses:

1. English language course (for those graduates coming from the countries where English is not their mother tongue or not their official language)

2. Basic Chinese and China Panorama (Teaching plan is made by Graduate School) (6 credits)

3. Basic Course of Specialty and Specialized Course (Both courses are required courses for Ph.D. graduates studying in IMR and teaching plan is made by tutors.) (4 credits)If the student completed the learning of Chinese course and Chinese Culture before the enrollment to IMR, he/she could apply for an exemption of these two courses with relevant proof documents.

Examinations are implemented by percentage grading system. Pass-marks are >=60 points. If someone fails to pass the test he or she is allowed to retake the course, but the accumulative total times are no more than twice for one course or one time for two courses.

Trainings Requirements

1. Thesis proposal
Each student has Thesis proposal are arranged by the supervisor and done with three months.

2. Academic activities and academic reports

Each student has to participate in academic activities and academic reports at least 10 times and is required to make academic reports at least 4 times including at least once on a nationwide basis and twice in IMR.

3. Mid-term Evaluation Report on the thesis

Mid-term evaluation report of the PhD program will be done by Graduate School, and usually it takes place at the beginning of the 5th academic semester. In general, the PhD program is implemented for four years in IMR. At the time of admission to the PhD grogram, the student first becomes a “doctoral student”. After two-year work in the middle term of this PhD program, the PhD student will be required to make an oral 20-min presentation about the progress of the corresponding research work. A committee will determine whether or not the PhD student is qualified for the Doctoral candidacy in the ongoing two years to complete the PhD program.

4. Annual review and the application for next year scholarship

Every graduate has to make yearly working report and next year working plan to the expert group for evaluation two months earlier before the year ends. Anyone who has passed the evaluation can apply for next year scholarship.

Academic Degree Thesis

1. Certain scientific achievement is required for applying for a Doctoral degree, that is, 2 scientific papers published in the core journals that are covered by SCI or EI. One of papers must be published in SCI II. Either a granted patent for an invention with the student being the first inventor or second inventor (under the condition that the supervisor is the first inventor) or a provincial or ministerial level second award or higher for scientific research achievements with the student being one of the first five awardees is equivalent to a paper published in journal covered by SCI or EI.

2. The doctor degree thesis has to make creative research achievements according to “the Regulation of Academic Degree of the People’s Republic of China”.

3. The procedure of a Doctoral Thesis Defense for an international student is the same as that of for a Chinese student.
4. Please visit the website for Journal ranking ( or download Journal Ranking List (Click for saving).
The Length of Schooling and Vacations

The length of schooling is at least three years. The maximum length of schooling is six years. A student can only get the certificate showing that he or she has studied in IMR Graduate School instead of the degree certificate if he or she fails to meet the study requirements in the end of the sixth year.
There is a two weeks’ vacation each semester. The winter vacation usually takes place during the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival and summer vacation in the period between the last week of July and the first week of August. There are also some national legal holidays. IMR is responsible for arrangements of vacations and holidays in detail.


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