Financial aid

IMR, CAS offers scholarships to students with outstanding academic achievements. Interested applicants can apply by submitting the application form for any kinds of scholarships including CAS-TWAS Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC), USTC Scholarship or IMR scholarship. All Scholarships must be applied online except IMR scholarship. IMR also offers research aid and extra allowance to students. Partial reimbursement of medical expenses, which is decided by the rules of Graduate School, will be provided for students.






At the end of March

RMB 96,000

Tuition, allowance, first travel fees


In the middle of March

RMB 42,000

Tuition, housing, allowance, medical insurance, research aid


At the end of May

RMB 42,000

Tuition, housing, allowance, medical insurance, research aid


At the end of May

RMB 50,000

Tuition, research aid, allowance


1. The application deadline is decided by the yearly scholarship program;

2. One set of the required documents can only be applied for one kind of scholarships. Submit the required application documents separately if you want to apply for more than one scholarship;

3. The examples of all required application documents which should be submitted are listed in
4. The partial IMR scholarship will be gotten as you got CSC or USTC scholarship. The total is RMB 50,000 per year.
5. Submit all required documents to IMR.



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