I. Before Registration

1. An Admission Letter, a Visa Application for Study in China, Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the registration notice will be sent by IMR on July or August.

2. Bring passport, Admission Letter, Visa Application for Study in China and Foreigner Physical Examination Form to the embassy or consulates of the People’s Republic of China in their respective countries and apply for the visa.

3. Submit “ the arrival information form” (download by right click) after ordering the airplane ticket.

4. Submit “ the application form” (download by right click) for living in the dorms of graduate building.

5. New students should register before the deadline stipulated by IMR. Students unable to register before the deadline should make advanced arrangement with IMR. Otherwise, his admission will be cancelled.

II. Registration

1. Hold valid passports, admission letters and all original documents for registration.
2. Submit " the registration form" (download by right click).

3. Go to Wulihe police station to complete temporary residence within 24 hours after arrival.

4. Be subject to a physical reexamination (about RMB 700) within 7 days after arrival and those found unqualified will not be allowed to study in IMR.

5. Go to the Department of Entry & Exit Administration, Shenyang Public Security Bureau, within 30 days from the date of entry in China for the residence permit application. The application fee is RMB 800 per person per year.

III. Notice

Registration Venue: Room 208, Graduate Building, Institute of Metal Research, CAS

Add.: 72 WenHua Rd. Shenyang LiaoNing China, 110016

Coordinator: Dr.Wei Wei
Tel: +86-24-23998273

Address:72 Wenhua Road,Shenyang,China
Postcode : 110016 Tel : 86-024-23998273 Fax : 024-23842016 E-mail :