Applying for 2014 National Scholarship for graduate students

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According to the UCAS Evaluation Method for National Scholarship for Graduate Students and the IMR Evaluation Method for National Scholarship for Graduate Students, the requirements for application are hereby notified as follows:

 I.          The applicant should be the Chinese student pursuing master degree or doctoral degree at IMR.

II.        Based on the student number at IMR in October 2013, the quota allocation of National Scholarship is 13 doctoral students and 7 master students.

III.      Applicant needs to submit the following materials both in electronic and printed formats (in triplicate) to graduate school before 17:00 of November 14th, 2014.

1.     IMR application form for National Scholarship

2.     Course transcript

3.     Catalog of scientific achievements

IV.        Effective applicants list will be released by November 17th.

V.          Oral defense presentation takes place in Nov 19 and 20.

VI.       Candidates list will be released during Nov 24-28.

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