2015 International Class meeting successfully held

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On November 20th, The class meeting of our international students of 2015 was successfully held in the room 309 of GUO Kexin building. 24 foreign students who come from PakistanIndiaEgypt and Nigeria have attend this meeting. Professor Liu min (the dean of our Graduate School)Professor ZHEN Shijian (researcher of the solid atoms faculty)and HOU Yunan (teacher of the our Graduate School) also attended the meeting. And the teacher of our Graduate School, Dr. WEI Wei has been the host of this meeting.

        First, Professor LIU introduced Professor ZHEN Shijian as the new instructor of our international students class. And she also encouraged the foreign students to focus more on the scientific researches and enjoy their lives in China.

Second, Professor ZHEN Shijian made a brief self-introduction expressing his excitement for being the first instructor of our international students class. He also said he would try his best to help the foreign students to do well in their research works.


         During this meeting, all the students also elected Udoh who comes from Nigeria as the monitor of the class. Udoh said happily that “It’s my great honor to be the monitor of our class, I will try my best offering more fantastic activities to our whole family. Thanks for everyone’s trust.”

         In the end, WEI wei explained some important matters about daily life and the arrangement for the annual review of University of Chinese Academy of Science.

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